Review for Dinos vs. Machines

Review for Dinos vs. Machines

Dinos vs. Machines: 10 Teeth-Baring, Gear-Yanking Showdowns, Eric Geron, Dinosaurs, Machines, Contest, Fun, Children's Books, Non-fiction, ComicsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I just HAD to read this one, I mean dinosaurs? YAS! But also to see how they compare to modern machines like motorcycles and garbage trucks? Sign me up! The only thing that may have me a bit hesitant is the fact that dinosaurs these days have feathers…

Before the match begins we get information on the contestants. From when they were created/or when they lived to how heavy they were to a fun catchphrase. I really liked how that was done, though of course I was always rooting for the dinosaurs. Haha. On the two pages that follow we get a comic with fun commentary to go with each scene, and I love it. It was well-written and I could definitely hear the presentator’s voice in my head as he made each comment. I liked that the battles/contests each fitted with the respective dinosaur. Like racing for velociraptors and digging for stegosaurus.

HOWEVER, I wasn’t a fan of the And the Winner is… part. I am sure it works PERFECT on paperback/physical copies, but I am reading an ebook and sorry I just cannot go to a page near to the end of the book. I am reading this on the crappy ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) and believe me that thing HATES it if I scroll. So yeah, I was totally into the battles and then you have to go all the way to the end to find out… by the time I got through the book my hype for the most battles definitely had cooled considerately that I didn’t even care that much. Again, I am sure it is fine in physical books, but I am reading it in ebook and it lessened my enjoyment so I have to mention it.

I really liked the machines and the dinosaurs we saw in this one. There were some that were expected (like motorcycles) but also some that I hadn’t expected (like snowmobiles). I also liked seeing Ichthyosaur appear. That is one you don’t always see.

I was a big fan of the art. It is a great style perfect for a book with dinosaurs, machines, and plenty of action~

All in all, I really had fun reading this one. Just a shame about that And The Winner Is…. part, but other than that this was a great book that I greatly enjoyed. I am glad that the dinosaurs were all just dinosaurs, no feathery bits and bobs. I would recommend it!

Star rating, 4 stars

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