Review for I Can Catch a Monster

Review for I Can Catch a Monster

I Can Catch a Monster, Bethan Woollvin, Girl, Sword, Quest, Monsters, Mountains, Brothers, Adventure, Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Dragon, Griffin, Kraken, Friendship, Children's BooksA cute and adventurous read about a little girl and the “monsters” she finds in the world!

I came across this book in the library and it just looked so fabulous that I had to bring it with me! I just love books with kick-ass girls who go on adventures!

In this book we meet a little girl named Bo (love her name) who wants to go on adventure. Be brave. Meet monsters. Just like her big brothers! But she cannot go, she is too small. Does this stop Bo though? Haha, no. And thankfully so, because otherwise we wouldn’t have a story.

I loved that the girl decided to just say screw you brothers and go on a quest of her own. To catch a furious beast. Be that a Kraken, a dragon, or a griffin! But things go sideways when she meets each monster, and I had such a laugh. Normally, I am not that much into repetition, I mean, it can be fun but often it just gets boring. But that definitely wasn’t the case with this book. In fact I found myself look forward to each new beast and see what would happen next. Would she become friends? Would she be able to help them out? Would they help her out? Plus, the world was so big and so interesting, at times I just wanted to step in!

The ending definitely wasn’t such a big surprise to me given what we saw in the beginning. I am glad that Bo stood up and said her piece. Helped out a friend.

The art was just so much fun, the illustrations fit perfectly with the book. I definitely want to see what else the author/artist made. See if it is just as fun!

Oh, be sure to check out the maps on the end pages. I loved the changes she made in the end!

All in all, a wonderful book about not making assumptions based on what you hear and how people (or in this case creatures/monsters) look and to just make your own path despite what people may say. Be kind and be sassy! I would recommend this book to all~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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  1. Wow, what a cute little book! Thanks so much for sharing! It sounds like something that I would have enjoyed as a little girl — perhaps still — and I think my little girl would love it too

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