Review for Let’s Go For A Walk

Review for Let’s Go For A Walk

Let's Go For a Walk by Ranger Hamza, Kate Kronreif, Let's Go For A Walk, Green, Nature, Walks, Children's Books, Non-Fiction, I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I love to walk and so I just had to give this book a shot. What kind of things would they discuss on what you can do and discover on a walk?

Meet Ranger Hamza, he will be leading us through this book and through all the things we can do on a walk. We come past parks and beaches to streets at night and day. I loved that we didn’t just stay on the streets but went so many different places as well. Each page is about a different thing. On one page he recommends looking up, seeing clouds, birds, and more in the sky. On another he recommends the opposite. Look down. What do you see? I had fun seeing what was next on each page. There was nothing new for me. When I walk I already do most of these. Well, except the touching. I just don’t like touching things, unless I can clean my hands pretty soon afterwards.

But while none of these are new to me (even as a kid I looked all around me and dashed left and right to see everything, haha, hello ADHD), I am sure that many kids could use a reminder that a walk is not just walking, but also looking, imagining, having fun, collecting, and more.

The art was good and I really liked the cute style.

All in all, a fun book. Not sure if I recommend taking a book along for a walk, as I am sure the parents have to carry it in the end, or maybe the book gets forgotten in all the excitement, but I am sure this would be a nice prelude to a walk. Do a page per walk. Prepare for it. Maybe look on maps to see what is a fun route for that page.

Star rating, 4 stars

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