Review for Little Goose’s Autumn

Review for Little Goose’s Autumn

Little Goose's Autumn, Elli Woollard, Briony May Smith, Orange, Goose, Forest, Autumn, Seasons, Picture Book, Animals, Nature, Children's BooksA wonderful and magical picture book! WOW!

A little goose, apparently without any family, feels that something is up when the seasons change to fall, but what does she have to do?  She has no family to tell her what to do, but she got friends and they are more than eager to tell her what they are up to. I had fun seeing each of her friends prepare for the cold. But you can imagine that those suggestions may not work for a goose. I had a laugh seeing her try to chop down a tree with her beak. And sleeping all winter and collecting leaves is also not easy when you are tiny like our goose. I had to say that I felt both sad and worried. Sad because I was just hoping that she would find her tribe, and worried because what would happened if she didn’t figure it out? I just wanted to give her a big hug.

The ending just made me smile ear to ear, that was such a sweet and wonderful ending.

The illustrations are just the BEST, really, they are absolutely gorgeous. At times I was done reading, but I just stayed on the page to look at more details in the art.

Also look at the end-papers (is that the right word?), they tell even more story and also compliment the ending.

I definitely look forward to reading this book again. Not this year, but next year autumn? I will probably pick up this book again!

All in all, READ THIS!

Star rating, 5 stars

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