Review for Lock Every Door

Review for Lock Every Door

Purple, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Riley Sager, Lock Every Door“One time is an anomaly. Two times is a coincidence. Three times is proof.”   Another exciting and OMG OMG Riley Sager book!

My third, well OK fourth but I am so not counting his debut book (Final Girls) which I dropped, Riley Sager book and OMG it was so awesome. However, there were some nigglings I had while reading so this is the first one that I didn’t rate 5+ stars. But still 5 stars so I really did love it.

In this book we meet Jules, a girl who had a rough year and an even rougher couple of years. She gets the chance of a lifetime, babysit an apartment in the famous Bartholomew building. Three months. 12k dollars. Just what she needs. I really loved Jules as a character and my heart broke for her when we find out what happened to her family. I just wanted to give her a hug. While I did think it was funny that she immediately broke the rules when Ingrid disappeared, I was also so happy to see her do it. To see her not give up and try all her might to find Ingrid. And not just that, this girl also delves deeper, and really at one point (or well there were earlier points as well) that I was just screaming for her to grab her stuff and just GO. NOW.

Because despite there being no ghosts (after two of his books I just knew there would only be humans doing the scary stuff) the book is very suspenseful. At times you get a moment of reprieve but then boom, there are scary noises in the dark (is someone walking around downstairs in Jules apartment?), strange things are happening, people say things that conflict with what Jules finds, screams sound in the night, and more. Her nightmares also don’t help with situation so I was definitely on the edge of my seat while reading this one.

I loved reading about Bartholomew and I loved reading about its history. Yes, it is a gruesome history, but I just love scary stories about buildings. Well, unless I live in such a building, haha. Then no thank you.

As we find out more and more about what is going on in this building, it still didn’t prepare me for what was truly the truth behind the building. Behind hiring apartment sitters. Beyond the mysterious disappearances of those sitters. I had several theories but oh boy none of them went in that direction. That very dark direction. The very fucked up direction. The direction that makes you want to slap some people. Hard. And I am normally very peaceful, but after this? I just wanted to yeet some people around and slap them.

But the reason why I cannot give it a 5 star PLUS, is because of the pacing. The whole story happens over a mere span of 4-5 days and that is just too short for me. While everything does click for me in the end, it just felt a bit too soon, too fast for me. I would have liked to get to know Ingrid more. I would have liked for Jules to settle in a bit more, feel more comfortable before things go to hell.

The ending was an exciting rollercoaster and I just love that Riley Sager added an epilogue and gave us insight on what happens afterwards.

All in all, be sure to read this one because HOLY HELL. I was just sucked into the story. Riley Sager has a way with writing that just grabs you.

Star rating, 5 stars

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