Review for My Heart is a Compass

Review for My Heart is a Compass

My Heart Is a Compass, Deborah Marcero, Blue, Maps, Imagination, Travelling, Cats, Girl, Picture Book, Children's BooksCome travel with Rose to discover something magical!

I read this book in Dutch, but just got to write my review in English so more people can know about this amazing and beautiful book.

In this book our girl Rose wants to discover something special, something wonderful so she has something AMAZING to show in class on Monday. I really loved that she wanted to have something amazing, she didn’t want to settle for something normal. We see her try to find something, try to find anything, and then she starts drawing and from that moment the story becomes a wonderful imaginative story about a girl following a very special compass, namely her heart. I loved all the places she drew/visited. From her hometown to places far far away. In space. On an island. By train.

I loved what she had to show the class, though I could understand the worries she had, would this be a good enough thing for her class? Would people like it? I knew the answer and wanted to just step in the story and whisper to her that everyone would love it. No worries!

The maps, the illustrations, the journey, it was all just so beautifully done and I love that all the art had a blue string holding them all together. It flowed between pages and illustrations and I love that this was done. The maps were just wonderful and I loved seeing all the imaginative names along with the real names for things. Special places got special names and it was just so sweet.

Be sure to also check the end pages both at the beginning and the end!

All in all, a very beautiful picture book that I would recommend to all!

Star rating, 5 stars

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