Review for Peyton’s End

Review for Peyton’s End

Peyton's End, Girl, Sea, Cliff, Water, Blue, White Letters, Spooky, Cringy Parents, Vacation, Spooky, ghosts, Josie JaffreyI received this book from Storyoriginapp/the author in exchange of an honest review.

The next novella I got from this author and I am excited to read it. It is now October when I read it and I heard this one was spooky. I just love creepy short stories.

Meet Gemma, or Gem, she is going with her parents on a holiday to some place faraway, you may imagine she isn’t too happy. Especially as we see how the parents are. They mean well, but good lord, so much cringe.

I love this sentence: “But Gemma wasn’t the only person in Leestow looking for a friend, and her arrival didn’t go unnoticed.” Oh yes! This promises a lot. hyped

It was great fun to see Gemma explore the cottage (and indeed wonder why anyone would leave all their stuff) and the surrounding areas. Josie Jaffrey’s description, well they made it seem like I was there. Walking alongside with Gemma and checking out all the sights.

I did think the parents were supercringe. Not only how they acted throughout the book, but who the hell stays outside many hours despite your kid clearly being uncomfortable and burning in the sun (even with suncream) to meet her new friend? If she has a friend and she wants to introduce her she will, just be patient. For crying out loud. I am glad my parents were never this cringy.

I have to say that the story seemed familiar at times, it reminded me of another horror story I once read. It wasn’t bad, but my mind kept wandering and I was trying to figure out which story I remembered. Never could think of the name though.

I loved how things just seem to go so well, there are some mysterious things happening, but nothing truly scary… well.. until the very last percentages, when we get some answers and while I of course knew what was going on, it was still chilly! And then that last couple of pages, OMG OMG. That was a fantastic way to end this book.

So all in all, this was a chilling tale and I had fun reading it. Recommended.

Star rating, 4 stars

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