Review for Rocket Says Look Up!

Review for Rocket Says Look Up!

Rocket Says Look Up!, Girl, Stars, Space, Picture Book, Children's Books, Nathan Bryon, Dapo AdeolaRocket Says Look Up! Because you may just miss a beautiful book about a sweet girl and a big passion for space.

I spotted this book over at the library (in Dutch) and just had to take it home with me. It looked adorable and I also cannot resist books about space!

Meet Rocket, a sweet girl who lives with her mom and her big brother in a small apartment. She LOVES stars. She LOVES space. She even wears a suit all of the time. She hopes to one day become an astronaut which I found such a wonderful dream (hopefully she can do it). When a meteor shower is set to appear she decides to make posters and invite all the people to watch it with her in the park. I had such a big laugh at seeing her hijack the microphone at the supermarket to do some promotion. Go girl! And I loved that she enticed people to come with space facts~

I loved that meteor shower and wish I could have been there for real, because dang that is pretty!

The sister-brother relationship was a bit awkward probably because of the huge difference in years, but Jamal does show that he cares for his sister! The ending with the two of them just made me smile.

I did think the name was weird. I first thought Rocket was her nickname, something her family calls her because of her HUGE love for rockets, space, and all that surrounds it. But instead mom just called her kid Rocket because a rocket was launched on the day the girl was born? UUMMM? I am sure the kid is OK with it now, but I wonder if she is so happy with it when she is a teen or an adult with a job.

The illustrations were oh so much fun and I really liked their style. I just loved Rocket’s hair!

But all in all, a very sweet and cute book with facts and family. Recommended!

Star rating, 4 stars

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