Review for Why Don’t Astronauts Burp?

Review for Why Don’t Astronauts Burp?

Why Don't Astronauts Burp?: Questions and Answers about Space, Anne Rooney, William Potter, Luke Séguin-Magee, Astronaut, Burping, Questions, Answers, Space, Non-Fiction, Children's Books, Humour, Earth, PlanetsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just LOVE books about Space and so I just had to send a request for this one. Oh, and the cover and title just sparked an interest. I mean, why don’t astronauts burp? Tell me!

This book is a 129 page book with tons and tons of questions with answers. From “Is there music in space? to “Can you eat salt in space?” to “Are there space spiders?” (which had me worried for a sec until I read the answer and then I was just happy, phew). I really loved all the questions and reading all the answers and that they fitted in a theme. Sadly, I am guessing that the paperback shows that theme a bit more clearer. Haha, in my ebook it was just one big page with question after question. So, I am guessing and really hoping as well, that the paperback is a bit clearer on things. Otherwise, have fun. XD

Next to that the questions are themed together, the book also features 5 different big themes. Goodbye, Earth, Our Wonky World, Lunar Lunacy, Peculiar Planets, and The Outer Limits. I really loved that we got 5 different themes and I was looking forward to the questions specifically for each theme.

I learned quite a few new things while reading this delightful book. The writing-style is fun and makes you want to keep reading. Plus, the questions were at times very fun and expanded beyond what you often see asked in books about space. This is very important, because it is just question after question with little else way to get information it gets boring, a book like this needs to stay interesting and fun.

The art! The thing that drew me in to this book. It was just so fun and playful. I love the style and how it fits with the book!

All in all, recommended to all space-lovers out there!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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