Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 13-6-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 13-6-2021


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Welcome to a very warm Sunday’s TBR Updates! It is summer here!

This week was pretty tame/calm, for most! On Friday our garden furniture came in so our garden is, after 2 years of living here, finally reaching the final stages of being done. And on Saturday my husband and I visited two libraries and also went to the garden centre to get some decorations for the walls we now see + a pillow box for the garden pillows. Other than that, lots of melting, trying not to fall asleep. Haha.
Reading-wise, it was a pretty nice week! Also a week with a few DNF, but thankfully I also read some amazing and fun books. This week was once again a mix of reading from my TBR (important), my Netgalley TBR (very important and got it down to 10) and also some library books that called to me (I am a moodreader after all).

What did I read from my TBR? All three Derek the Sheep books (soooo much fun and I laughed a lot), Dit is hoe het ging (weird but also amazing and at times relatable), E-Boy (the art wasn’t my thing, the story was OK and exciting), Pas op voor de fluistervaar (a very fun story thought one of the characters was just meh).

I Tried and Dropped: Disconnect (lord, the MC was horrible and a literature snob), You Say it First (too political and the MC was horrible), The Tourist Attraction (instant love, no thank you, plus the MC was dumb as a rock).

Here is a shiny BIG BIG BIG stack of books. I know, I should have held myself in, but it was so hard with new books that arrived and a ton of library books that came home with me yesterday. My husband even had the task to stop me from adding more books, but you see still plenty of books there. XD I probably won’t be reading them all, but I hope to read quite a bit of it.

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Here we are at the end! Thank you all for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend. Wish me luck, I will need it!

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