Teaser Tuesday ~ The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh

Teaser Tuesday ~ The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh

The Beautiful, Vampires, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Cup, Flowers, Blood, Renée Ahdieh
I had Random.org select a page, it went with 277, I decided to do one page less, and so here is a teaser from 276.
An hour later, Celine, Michael, and Odette stood in a corner of darkly veined marble, ensconced in the farthest reaches of a deserted hotel lobby.
Above them, cyrstal-and-brass chandeliers hung like silent sentinels, chiming softly in a ghostly breeze. Lanterns housed in sphere of opaque glass glowed around the room, resembling will-o’-the-wisps floating through the night. Purple orchids and white jasmine perfumed the air, the scent hingint of wealth and far-flung locales. Positioned at either end of the entrance hall were large chinoiserie vases overflowing with long-stemmed roses so deep a shade of red, their petals appeared black in the shadows.

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