What I Hope To Read July 2021

What I Hope To Read July 2021

Hey all~

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Welcome all to a shiny new What I Hope To Read post! July is here and I got quite some nice books on my list I cannot wait to read~

I am pretty happy about July, a bit closer to my vacation (August 8th), summer weather (well hopefully, though not too hot please). In July I will be fully vaccinated (will get my second shot on June 30th) so that will feel pretty good, though I will still take precautions even if they aren’t needed anymore according to our government. 😐

This month I got a nice couple of books that I am hyped about. I even got a few Dutch books I would love to read! No pre-orders this time. I haven’t even been able to pre-order last month’s books due to Amazon and how they just seem to not work these past few months. Constantly out of stock, books way overpriced if they are there, books disappearing. So I am not doing any pre-ordering until Amazon sorts itself out and gets back to normal.

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