Friday’s Page 69 ~ The Au Pair by Emma Rous

Friday’s Page 69 ~ The Au Pair by Emma Rous

The Au Pair, Thriller, Mystery, Beach, Woman, Sunglasses, Emma Rous
I was fourteen when Joel and Edwin left for university. Miserable at school, short-tempered with Danny at home, I began to dream of Joel returning and declaring he’d fallen love with me. I longed to leave the sneers of my classmates behind, and marry Joel, and live happily ever after with him at Summerbourne.
How I miss the days when love seemed so obvious and simple.
My fledgling romantic hopes were crushed a couple of weeks before my fifteenth birthday. I don’t relish revisiting that memory now, but it occurs to me for the first time that something Joel said that day might be linked in some way to what happened when Danny and I were born.

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