Ice Cream Book Tag

Ice Cream Book Tag

Afternoon all!

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A summery welcome to a brand-new Book Tag! Welcome all to the yummy Ice Cream Book Tag!

I was looking around for new tags to do when I found this one over at She’s Got Books on Her Mind! I also found some other Ice Cream Book Tags, but this one seemed the most fun (and also didn’t contain any deadly Peanut Butter). I thought it would be fun to do given it is a hot (or well warm) summer time here. Ice cream is vitally important in this time! And also books!

The tag is originally by Super Space Chick and Alexa Loves Books~

Vanilla Ice Cream: A Book You Wish had More Flavor.

But but, Vanilla is like superyummy and, if you have the right ice cream shop, full of flavour! But here is my choice!

Future Friend, David Baddiel, Portal, Illustrations, Sci-Fi, Humour, Cat, Parrot, Future, Past, TimetravelI had quite a lot of fun reading this one, it had friendship, inventions, time travel, a girl from another time who is figuring out things… but I don’t know it just missed something. I would have liked some things to be different or just worked out a tad better. Like why did the parents not know their own kid? Or why is changing time not bad in this one?

Chocolate Ice Cream: A Long Book or an Immersive Read that you Enjoyed Indulging In.

Ohh, an easy one! I definitely have to say all the Illuminae Files books! Chunky boys, but you speed through them so fast. The story is fantastic, great characters, twists and turns, and so much more.

Illuminae Files, Amy Kaufman, Jay Kristoff, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Strawberry Ice Cream: A Romance That Was Supersweet

This one! I finished it recently and the romance is just the sweetest. A billionaire and a single mom and it is just so cute how these two interact and how sparks fly! He never gives up on her and just keeps on flirting and loving her. Highly recommended.

Ice Cream Sundae: A Book Encompassing Everything You Love.

WOW, that is a hard one as I love so many tropes and genres. I am not sure if that would ever work, haha. So I will just go for this book which features 3 of my favourite genres/tropes: Boarding School x Mystery x Historical Fiction.
Murder Most Unladylike, Book 1, Boarding School, Young Adult/Children's Books, Robin Stevens

Milkshake: A Book That Blends Genres.

Riley Sager, Home Before Dark, Red, Moon, Building, Dual POV, Horror, Thriller, Twists and Turns, Mystery, Ghosts
This is a hard one! But I will go for this one which is a mix of horror, thriller, mystery, and bit more.

Sprinkles: A Book with a Colorful Cover.

The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat, Claire Belton, Pink, Rainbow, Cats, Claire Belton, Pusheen, Cute, Comics, Humour

DEFINITELY this one! I just love how it looks and how it just pops~ Also Pusheen!

Ice Cream Cake: A book worthy of celebration

Once Upon a Royal Summer: A delightful royal romance from Hallmark Publishing, Teri Wilson, Dress, Yellow, Romance, Humour, Cute, Teri Wilson

Mm, not sure what is meant by this? You mean a book I really love? In that case I will go for a recent book I rated 5 stars. In this book we have a girl who works in a theme park, swears to not go dating again after a break-up, but meets a real prince charming and his little daughter. It was enormously adorable and cute and I loved Lacey and all she did for this man and his daughter.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich: A Book With Multiple Perspectives:

Well, that is hard, I am guessing dual POVs are out? Haha, I don’t read a lot of books with tons of perspectives as I just get confused. Let’s see, there is this book… but it was terrible so it feels weird to add it. Haha. But it does have POVs for everyone including staff.. so I guess it fits. XD

The Island, Horror, Sara Brooke, Gore, Silly

Waffle Cone: A Book You Felt Compelled to Read Very Quickly.

Not picking a book for this one as this one fits like 70-80% of my books.

Pint: A Book You Set Aside but Plan on Going Back to Later.

I got some books on a special shelf, 5 in total. It is quite rare for me to set aside a book and read it later. Generally if I stop reading I stop reading it forever. The 5 books on this shelf… well have been there for a while. The last one is from 2020, but there are ones from 2015 on there. I haven’t touched any of those. I guess it is nice I made a shelf, but that I won’t be touching the books any time, ever. XD

Cup or Cone?

Cone 99% of the time. It depends if they have the good cone. The waffly crunchy one. Not the one that tastes like nothing/carton.

Favorite Flavor?

Mint or Strawberry cheese cake. Sorry, I just cannot choose!



Favorite Local Ice Creamery?

IJs en Zo! Located in Delft and they have a gorgeous shop but also some FREAKING delicious flavours. Their Strawberry cheese cake is just HEAVEN.


And we have reached the end of this delicious and yummy tag! I hope you all enjoyed this fun post, I know I did. I would tag everyone, go do this fun and yummy tag~

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