Library Haul 22-7-2021

Library Haul 22-7-2021

Hi all!

Welcome all to a shiny new Library Haul post! This time for Library #1!

I was hyped to go, I read all the books I needed to read + my husband read his share (I always bring something for him from the library). It was gorgeous weather outside and I was eager to get some new books.

I am still sad that the library went back to a state of Corona?? What is that?? Which means that people don’t care about distance, the baskets that were so useful have disappeared, one of the computers to loan books has disappeared from its handy spot, and oh yes, like I said last time, the new releases tables have disappeared as well. You know, I don’t want Corona back, oh no, nope, but I would like the services back that were in place when it all happened. Haha. It just made things much easier. I am also still the only one to wear a mask (which means people just look at me like I am weird..).

Despite all these things I was happy to be back at the library and getting a chance to find some new books to read. I had fun walking around and looking for new books to bring home. I found 3 new comics that I knew my husband would also love. I found a fantastic dinosaurbook with tons of fun features. AND I found a book I had my eyes on since I saw it pop up on someone’s blog (Six Stories), it is in Dutch, but I will take it. Now I just need to decide.. which books will be read now, and which will be read during my vacation (starting August 8th, eep). It won’t be easy, haha.

STATS: 14 books. 3 comics, 3 picture books, 4 non-fiction, 4 fiction.

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Book List, Emoji, Cute
Buitengeluk Kamperen en logeren in de natuur by Marleen van den Elsen
Billie en zijn genen by Stefan Boonen
Duupje by An Swartenbroekx, Dieter Steenhaut
Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski
The Unteachables by Gordon Korman
The House with Chicken Legs by Sophie Anderson
Cedric #34 by Raoul Cauvin, Laudec
Buurtpolitie #3 by Nix
Dinosauriërs by Camilla de la Bedoyere, Donough O’Malley
En de wereld zei ja by Kaia Linnea Dahle Nyhus
Waar is mijn noedelsoep? by Chee-Han Kartosen-Wong, Reza Kartosen-Wong, Maria Koutamanis
Het schermdiefje by Helen Docherty, Thomas Docherty
Knock Knock Pirate by Caryl Hart, Nick East

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