Library Haul 3-7-2021 (Library #2 + #3)

Library Haul 3-7-2021 (Library #2 + #3)

Afternoon all~

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Welcome, welcome all! To a new Library Haul post! Yesterday I visited both Library #2 and #3. And came out with tons of books~

Keeping this one a bit small, I am superduper tired (writing this just after I got home and before dinner) but I do want to share all my books. I will be adding a book list on Monday when I have time.

I got a whole bunch of reservations at Library #2, but also a bit of room left to walk around and see if I could find the reservations that weren’t fulfilled yet + see if there was anything else that screamed at me to take them home. Haha. It was blissfully calm at the library today and so I could walk around with ease. It is funny that I am really the only one with a mask. It isn’t required any more and so everyone just dropped it. But until everyone is vaccinated and things are a bit calmer, I will keep it on. I found quite some nice books and also some of the unfulfilled reservations (including one that was in the wrong age category so I guess that is why they couldn’t find it).

At the Library #3, well they went the way Library #1 did. From new releases tables everywhere to barely anything. Now a couple of new releases are gathered on the two tables on the ground floor like how it was before Corona. The other tables on the other floors that used to be handy new release tables… are now themed tables and such. Disappointed. I loved those new release tables. You had like 80 or so books on various tables that were new, now you have maybe 30 if you are lucky. You know, I don’t want Corona back.. but for these cases I do miss it.
So I was around much and much longer as I had to really hunt for books. In the end I did find my 12 books to take home, but boy it was a lot of searching.

STATS: 60 books total. 48 at Library #2 and 12 at Library #3.

NOTE: First photograph is Library #3 and the rest of the photographs are of Library #2’s haul.

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Ministerie van Hysterie by Laura Buelinckx
The Therapist by BA Paris
De leukste DIY’s voor moeders (in spe) by Anke van Os
Recht uit het hart by Arie & Astrid Liefhebber
Abba zoekt Frida by Maarten Vande Wielen
Jouw konijn. Verzorging by Ilse Pols
Gevaarlijke dames, een ballade by Delphine, Annaele Hermans
Magneetje by Milja Praagman
Jaar Nul by Frenk Meeuwen
Hippolyte by Clotilde Bruneau
Stoppers by Phyllis Posnick
75 Jaar vrijheid in beeld by Sacha de Boer

Noem me Nathan by Catherine Castro, Quentin Zuttion
Ik ben het everzwijn by Katrin Wiehle
Ik word grote broer/zus by Lore De Vilder
Het regent zonnestralen by Fien Vermeulen
Wandellust by Twan Huys
Ik denk dat ik het wel kan by Franke van Hoeven
Na het achterhuis by Bas von Benda-Beckmann

Het slechte boek by Magnus Myst
Het ding in de ruimte by Adam Stower
Was ik maar… by Mies van Hout
Het grote voorleesboek over sokken by Justyna Bednarek
Dat met Leo by Stefan Boonen
Vos en Haas: Uil maakt het bont by Sylvia Vanden Heede, Thé Tjong-Khing
Toestand in Tunesië by Thea Stilton
Nooit Kopje-Onder! by Thea Stilton
Chat & Co #2 by Geneviève Guilbault

De hemel is altijd paars by Sholeh Rezazadeh
Dans van de vlinders by Duffy Kimberly
Duivelsbijbel by Lineke Breukel
De cursus by Elvin Post
Dansen voor beginners by Nicola Yoon
Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender
The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See
The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware
There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job by Kikuko Tsumura
Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste NG
The Mission House by Carys Davies
Girl A by Abigail Dean

Niets by Gaea Schoeters, Gerda Dendooven
Teckel Tokkel op vakantie by Ilse De Keyzer, Ina Hallemans
Het verloren vosje by Carolina Rabei
Gerda de goudvink by Mark Haayema, Medy Oberendorff
Barnaby by Andrea Curtis, Kass Reichs
Lach eens Lars by Jackie Azúa Kramer
De verhalendief by Graham Carter
Het grote kabouterboek by Maciej Szymanowicz
Leentje buitenbeentje by Kiek Manasse, Chris Vosters
Harm lust werkelijk alles by Ilona Lammertink
Do het draakje by Marjet Huiberts, Sebastiaan Van Doninck
Berenkriebel! by Victoria Cassanell
Grote Anna leert dansen by Kathleen Amant
Kas en Saar in het verkeer by Pualine Oud

Celestine en de paarden #8 by Stefano Turconi
50 dieren met een wereldrecord by Martin Jenkins
Het dikke dinoboek by Marianne Busser, Ron Schröder
Sprookjes met de kleur van henna by Riet Wille
Expeditie Achtertuin: Urban Exploring by Bas van Oort
Ruimte-atlas by Lara Albanese

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