Review for Abberton House

Review for Abberton House

Abberton House, Debbie Ioanna, Horror, Ghosts, Murder, House, Scary, Dual Timeline, WWI, Cheating, FamilyWOW! This was a spooky read! Loved it!

I was in for some HAUNTINGS, for something scary, and I thought this one would do, and oh yes it did.

This book takes place over two timelines. Two families. The ones in the past who lived there and were happy. The ones in the now who are happy but haunted by the family from the past. I really loved the two timelines. We get answers in the one, well, OK, slowly you get answers though of course I did have some suspicions on what was going on, come on it wasn’t that hard to guess, haha. And in the other we see what happens to a new family who lives in the house and find out that they are not alone. That their daughter’s playmate… may not be that imaginary.

I had so much fun reading this one, the things in the past were definitely a moment of quiet from the spookiness of the now parts. HOWEVER, the past parts also really pissed me off. I mean, I loved the setting. I loved that it took place during WWI in a small town. But their is one thing I hate in books at that is cheating. Girl, I get it, you are thirsty. But please, don’t cheat on your loving and caring husband who is in the midst of the trenches and sees the most horrible things. I mean having sex? No. Then again, Michael should have shoved off. Yes, there are two to blame, but Michael was so pushy and I felt that one could also not say no to Michael. He just had something about him that troubled me, and I wondered what would happen if she said no (which we find out later on…). But yeah, the cheating definitely had me pissed.

The now parts were just fantastic as they also feature a husband who BELIEVES and who cares for his wife when he finds out that things are really going bonkers in his house. Yes, he is a slight unbeliever at first, but he quickly turns. Haha. Seeing a dead woman in your bedroom or hearing dead girls run around at night help with that. Because yep, that happens. A running kid can be heard. A mother is seen. It was all very scary as at times it seemed very calm and BOOM ghosts.

I wasn’t too happy with the ghosts after a while. I could understand why they would get angry. I mean, it’s been 100 years. I would be pissed as well. But if you cannot communicate you cannot expect people to just magically know what you want. I mean, just no.

The ending however felt incomplete. I would have loved at least an epilogue. Maybe something more?

There were also a few times that had me scratching my head, like how casual they seemed to be near the end despite the ghosts continuing anger. I would have definitely pushed a bit harder…

All in all, a very spooky and good read and I had fun reading it. I am very happy with this book. Hopefully the author writes more books like this.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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