Review for Animal ABC

Review for Animal ABC

Animal ABC, Nikolas Ilic, Crocodile, Humour, ABC, Children's Books, Non-Fiction, Cute, Picture BookI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I love ABC books, I love animal books, and this cover just looked hilarious and cute, so of course I had to get this book on Netgalley!

You would think, going by the cover, that this book just features a fun ABC with various animals fitting those letters! Well, that is one part of the book. Each animal also has a fun fact (some even two). From bears crushing bowling balls to lions roaring so loud that you could hear it 8 kilometers away! I really had fun flipping to the next pages and see what animals would be featured and what kind of fun facts we would get with those animals! I love the animals that were chosen for each letter, sure, not the most original animals, but I was still very happy with the choices.

The art? That was definitely one of my favourite part of the book. The art is just weird, wonderful, strange, and hilarious. I love it and I definitely want more of this artist. Plus, I wouldn’t mind having one of the pages as a print on my wall.

All in all, a short, but oh so fun book teaching kids ABCs and some facts about animals in one go. I had tons of fun reading this one and I am sad that it is over. Thankfully, there is another book on Netgalley, this time with counting, so I guess you can look forward to a review for that one soon.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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