Review for Blood Work

Review for Blood Work

Red, Blood, Beakers, Blood Work, Josie Jaffrey, Seekers, Novella, Short, Red, Vampires, Mystery, Prequel, LGBT, RomanceI received this book from Storyoriginapp/the author in exchange of an honest review.

So I recently finished May Day and Cam was one of my favourite characters so imagine my delight when I saw he got a short novella from his POV. I was hyped and I wanted to see what kind of things we would see Cam doing. Plus, I was curious if we would see some more of Ed x Cam as by the time May Day appears these two are broken up.

This one was a good one, short, but full of information. And honestly, I can say that I wasn’t a fan of Ed already but with what we learn in this one I just wanted to punch him in his nuts. Sorry, but hello, the guy just fixates on something… forgets he has a boyfriend. It can take days, weeks, months before he notices boyfriend again. Said boyfriend had a good life in Italy but when Ed says we go they went. Yes, that is also a bit of Cam’s fault that he went along, but really, he loves Ed and I can also imagine that that swayed him in his decision. He is demanded. He doesn’t ask, he just does. There is another part, yes, he did it to do x, but that is just wrong bro, you don’t do that to your sleeping lover. God, the man was URGH. I just wanted to hug and hold Cam and tell him that he should find someone else, someone who is healthier for him to be with.

We also find out how Cam got to be part of the Seekers. Cam is apparently a bloodhound if it comes to blood and finding people. I was delighted when he met Boyd, though the meeting didn’t entirely go well. Poor Cam. He really doesn’t have it easy, while with his skills he could do so much good (and I have seen that in May Day). The story unfolds with tons of interesting turns and I just loved Cam having his first case, even if it wasn’t on official one, and him figuring out how to handle things. He is quite the natural at it all (OK, he needed some help from Ed), and I can definitely see why he was asked to join.

The ending was just fabulous and I was reading it with a big grin on my face.

This was a fantastic novella, Josie Jaffrey really has a way with her words. I loved how despite this being only 40 pages it felt like a full complete story. Recommended!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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