Review for Don’t Wake the Dragon

Review for Don’t Wake the Dragon

Don't Wake the Dragon: An Interactive Bedtime Story!, Bianca Schulze, Samara Hardy, Fantasy, Dragon, Sleeping, Bed Time, Interactive, Picture Book, Children's BooksSSTTT! Sstt! Don’t wake the dragon! The dragon is finally in dreamland, we don’t want to wake them up!

I just LOVE LOVE interactive books and apparently this is one of them! Yes, it is mentioned in the English title, but not in the Dutch, and I read the Dutch edition so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Plus, coughs, I picked this book up for the dragon. Haha.

In this delightful book we meet a dragon. A big RED dragon who is normally quite the rascal. He is finally asleep and it is up to us, along with the people in the castle to keep the dragon sleeping. BUT, as you can guess… not everything goes right that evening. From a cook who is startled by a mouse and drops things that make a big big racket to some knights holding a fun party. We got our hands full! But I didn’t mind, because I had so much fun doing the things the book told me to do. From singing songs to petting the dragon, there I was doing all of that. Helping out with the party? Leave it to Mehsi! I can only imagine how much fun it is for a tiny little kid to participate in all the books fun assignments.

I had a big laugh at the ending, it was just so out of the blue but at the same time also expected. I just couldn’t help laughing.

The art was tons of fun and I really love the style and how well it fits with the story.

All in all, highly recommended to all! This is going to be such a fun bedtime story for kids!

Star rating, 5 stars

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