Review for Eat Your Heart Out

Review for Eat Your Heart Out

Eat Your Heart Out, Zombies, Horror, Young Adult, Pink, Baseball bat/bat, girl, survival, Kelly DevosI received this book from the publisher/blog tour in exchange of an honest review.

I have been trying to write a review for DAYS now. It is now the 9th and I finished this book on the 4th. So I am just going to make a good/not so good review, though for most it will just be good. Because I really LOVED this book and that is why I just don’t know words any more. Haha.


😍: How it combines something serious like fatphobia and dieting along with flesh-eating monsters (I wouldn’t call them zombies). Even later in the book we read about bodies, health, being bigger, and more.
😍: Love that we get a POV from all the characters. Of course, Vee was my favourite, good lord that girl kicks some serious butt! She was already pretty tough, but with the monsters around she just levelled up some more, just like a super saiyan. The characters were so great and I frankly don’t have anyone that I wasn’t a fan of. In fact, I was just rooting for all of them and looked forward to each of the POVs. I wanted to know if all of them would survive.
😍: Which brings me to this, don’t get attached. The author isn’t shy to kill off people and while I am sad, I am also happy with that because it would just be unrealistic if this group of teens would all magically survive. I don’t consider it a spoiler. Hello???? Monster apocalypse??? Dangerous flesh eating monsters that happily throw couches at you??? People are bound to die. However, I was so attached that I forgot that people could die. Yes, I am still sad.
😍: I love the tropes that get attached to the characters by Allison. From the basketcase to the nerd to the action girl, each one of the characters had something stuck on them and it was interesting to see things change. Because sometimes you change from one trope to another, but do you want that?
😍: Loved seeing everyone’s motives for being at fatcamp. Not everyone is there to lose weight, oh no.
😍: This is a camp, but it isn’t a summer one! I have read many books about camp but almost all took place during summer, maybe spring. I haven’t read a book featuring a camp in the winter. So that was exciting, especially with the whole blizzard.
😍: The bars that changed people. Well, boy, I wouldn’t have touched those at all. One, because I got a crap-ton of allergies and I need to know specifically what is in there. But also, hello, the way those bars were described made me go NOPE. I am glad that our group was smart. Was happy our group first wanted answers.
😍: The zombies, um, sorry, flesh-eating monsters. I was first a bit hesitant to read this book given we are in a pandemic and I am not that much into zombies for some magical reason. So I am happy when they turned out not to be truly zombies. I don’t really see it as a spoiler given that this is pretty much shown quite early on. There were just too many hints that these monsters were not zombies. As soon as I knew that I relaxed. Well, as much as one can relax with scary monsters lurking around.
😍: There was so much action. And I love it! The characters are very creative with dispatching the monsters.
😍: What we learn about the monsters! That was so interesting and I am happy the author gave us plenty of information, introduced us to what makes the monsters tick, and more!
😍: It was at times soooo scary and that was great. I was definitely terrified at times.
😍: The cover! It is so Vee!
😍: How this book made me scream in fear, cry, cheer, root, and all the others. It was definitely a book that made me feel all the things.

Not so good:

😕: The ending felt really rushed and I have so many questions still. I would have loved an epilogue. Would love to see some more happening. Now it just felt incomplete and I want more.
😕: The constant self-blaming. I get that one will have guilty feelings. Given their reasons to be at the camp and how that affects people. But after like many pages of it I was done with it. Stop your self-wallowing and get back to things. Again, I don’t mind a few pages, but this was a constant thing. OH no, if I hadn’t done x, that person would be alive. Oh no, if I did y, then this may not have happened and so on.

As you can see mostly positive! I had tons and tons of fun reading this book and I flew through it. I just had to know what would happen next! I would highly recommend this one to all!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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