Review for Leo’s Map of Monsters: The Armoured Goretusk

Review for Leo’s Map of Monsters: The Armoured Goretusk

Leo's Map of Monsters, Blue, Monsters, Fantasy, Boy, Guardian, Kris Humprey, Pete Williamson, Children's Books, Annoying CompanionA fun adventure featuring monsters and TOP SECRET assignments!

I read this book in Dutch but wanted to write my review in English! Since Leo’s name is in the blurb I can at least use that, but if I use other names they will be in Dutch.

When kids in this little town turn 9 they get an assignment, something they have to do for 2 years. Leo becomes 9 in this book and thinks that he gets the easy job at the archives, HAHA, how wrong he is. He is chosen to become something totally different. Something TOP SECRET and I was definitely very eager to find out what it was going to be. Leo was a very interesting/fun/good MC and I had fun following him on his adventures in this book.

I loved finding out more about the world beyond the walls, though of course it is a bit cliche. I mean, how many manga/anime/books/series have I seen or read that feature something like this. Sometimes the people know, and often people don’t know. Still it was fun, and I am very curious about the world and meeting the other monsters.

Starla, that weasel-like monster with batwings? LORD, that one was annoying. Even later when she did improve a bit. But for most she reminded me of Navi. But instead of Link, Link, LINK, it was Leo, Leo, LEO. Then again, I guess it was doomed from the start. I am just not a fan of animals talking, especially when they do it in a know-it-all voice.

I loved that Leo, unlike apparently Henrik, the other guardian (given those hints at the end), used his wits, the stones, and clever planning to help out the goretusk and get him back safely to his family. I also loved seeing Leo figure things out and he did it pretty fast, but not so fast that it feels unnatural. He still stumbles, and boy, he needs a lot of help, but I am sure within a few weeks he is a perfect guardian.

I am a bit curious about Gilda, given how she reacted in the end… mmmmm. SUSPICIOUS!

The art was weird, but also good. I am still a bit on the fence on the faces. I mean, everyone either looks dead, haven’t slept in days, or severe caffeine withdrawal. Whichever comes first. XD

But all in all, I am very curious about this series. I definitely want to see what is next for Leo, and I am also hoping that he will continue the trend of trying NOT to harm the creature as he tries to get them away from his village. I also hope for some answers because BOY did we get little of those. I would definitely recommend this fun book. Adventure, mystery, and monsters, yas!

Star rating, 4 stars

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