Review for Miles Won’t Smile

Review for Miles Won’t Smile

Miles Won't Smile, Jackie Azúa Kramer, Martina Schachenhuber, Family, Brother, Sister, Picture Book, Children's BooksA big sister just wants her little brother to smile! Will she be able to get a smile? Find out in this cute book!

I have read this one in Dutch yesterday evening and had quite a bit of fun reading it so I thought I would write a review for the book. I try to lessen my Dutch reviews, so here we are with an English review. Which wasn’t always easy to write as for me the names of the kids are Lars (little brother) and Dina (big sister). I kept mixing things up.

In this book we meet Daisy, a big sister who really loves her little brother. Yes, quite rare if you have to believe a lot of picture books or children’s books. But Daisy is really happy to have a little brother and she tries to play with him and have fun. But well, Miles is still a little baby you can imagine that things aren’t going according to plan. But I loved that Daisy didn’t give up. She just kept trying and she also has a new mission. To make Miles laugh. Now you would think this is easy peasy lemon squeezy, but Miles hasn’t laughed at Daisy at all. No matter what she does, Miles doesn’t laugh. While he does laugh at mom and dad. I found myself rooting for Daisy to get her little brother to laugh. She definitely tried a lot of things that had me laughing~

The ending… I am not sure if I am a fan. I mean I am happy for both Miles and Daisy… but did we really have to go this route? Couldn’t we just pick something else? Also, I found it a shame that it ends here. It felt really abrupt and I would have at least seen a few more pages.

The art was good, I really like the style. I guess I will have to keep an eye out for Martina Schachenhuber!

All in all, despite the strange/weird and abrupt ending, I had fun reading this book! A sweet brother/sister relationship and a girl you are rooting for~

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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