Review for My First Book of Dinosaur Comparisons

Review for My First Book of Dinosaur Comparisons

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

My blog readers know that I am a big dinosaur fan and that I just cannot resist dinosaur books. Well, my readers also know I am not a fan of those feathery things they call dinosaurs these days. Haha. But I am willing to give books a shot. I was definitely curious about this one, I love books that compare x to y and I was interested to see what kind of things we would get comparisons to in regards to dinosaurs.

Sadly, I am disappointed. It wasn’t until page 20 that we got some actual comparisons. Before that there were some mentions in text that told us how big something was by comparing it to something we know, but there was no example. Until page 20 when we see a city scape and a couple of dinosaurs. Then it became truly fun. Because just mentioning it is great, but if that is all the comparing you are going to do then I wouldn’t call you a comparison book. You need to show me (and the rest of the people who read your book). Sadly, after just a few pages we were back to other dinosaurs facts and we only got a few fun comparisons, mostly in text. Then a few pages with comparisons, and then back to none/text. When I saw this book I expected comparisons, illustrated. Tons of them. A whole book about it. With ILLUSTRATED examples for all of it. Not just 14-ish pages out of 48….

Sure, the book was interesting to read, but if I wanted facts on dinosaurs I would have just grabbed one of the books I own, because the information is not new to me. I picked up this book because it seemed to have something new. And it did. At points. But just not enough that I would call this a Dinosaur Comparison book.

The illustrations were OK-ish. At times I liked the style, at other times the dinosaurs looked a bit too simple.

All in all, I sadly cannot rate this book high. Again, I wanted a book with ILLUSTRATED comparisons, not just a few pages here and there. I mean, a lot of books add comparisons (especially in text), if you want to name your book a comparison book go for it in a bold way with tons of ILLUSTRATED comparisons.

Star rating, 2 stars

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