Review for Shark Summer

Review for Shark Summer

Shark Summer, Ira Marcks, Sharks, Graphic Novel, Friendship, Camera, Young Adult, Children's BooksA summer that started off horrible will turn into something fun. Friendship, sharks, and cameras!

So I had the pleasure of being part of the Blog Tour for this book, I even had an e-ARC. But I had to get my own copy to actually be able to read the book (which I definitely didn’t mind because what I could read was tons of fun). Because sadly, the e-ARC had the same problem many graphic novels on Netgalley have. Blurry text. Not doing single pages but double which squeezes everything together. Thankfully Amazon had the book in stock and I quickly got it. And I immediately went to read it and WOW.

This is going to be a bit chaotic of a review. Haha. I loved this book so much but my mind is a bit scrambled. So sorry in advance!

In this one we meet Gayle who had the worst luck ever. Her season with baseball ended up terribly with her getting a broken arm and thus rendering her useless. There goes her summer of baseball. I felt for Gayle, she just moved, baseball is her whole life and then BOOM, injury and it’s over. Add to that this is America so have fun with debts (which still is totally fucked up to me) so other plans are also over as her mom has to work twice as hard to get money. So it was a bit doom/gloom at the beginning with a very unhappy Gayle, a summer that seemed to go nowhere… but thankfully the book gets much happier and the fun got back!

Because there is a competition! Make a movie. Win tons of money. Thankfully, Gayle has a wonderful friend named Elijah who loves making movies. Together they search to make a movie and meet friends along the way. I really loved seeing this group of kids get closer. Because at first there was quite a bit of tension. Maddie is a bit weird of a character and it took me (and the rest of the kids) to get used to her strange ways. But boy, she could tell stories!

I really had fun seeing the kids make their own movie, narrate, interview, and shoot beautiful scenes and have Elijah stitch it together to make something. But I also loved that we saw bits and pieces of the other movie (the big one from Hollywood) pop up at times. I love Jaws so it was fun to see all the props, see the robot shark.

I wasn’t a fan of Lex, but I started to warm up to him as the story went on. He does have some more improving to do, but he is getting there.

The ending, wow what a thrill! What a ride! I feel sad that this was their decision… but I could also understand why. The epilogue was such a nice addition and it had me smiling from ear to ear because it was just so sweet and heart-warming.

The art? Love love love it. It is such a great style and I love the colours that were used. They fit so well with the mood, the summer vibes.

All in all, I would highly recommend this book to all! Be sure to check this one out!

Star rating, 5 stars

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