Review for So You Want To Build a Library

Review for So You Want To Build a Library

So You Want To Build a Library, Lindsay Leslie, Aviel Basil, Blue, Sky, Giants, Library, Books, Reading, Girl, Animals, Fantasy, Picture BookI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

How can I, as a bookworm, resist this adorable and fun sounding book? That’s right, I cannot! I just had to get this one!

In this book we meet a little girl who is a giant bookworm and decides to build a big, magical, fun, library! I loved seeing her get the idea and then try to make it reality. From grabbing things left and right (doesn’t matter if anyone was using it given that she took the dining table mid meal 😛 ) to finding the perfect spot to build it, to getting help from friends and fantasy/imaginary creatures. Yep, everyone is here to help this girl out! I loved seeing knights, giants, animals, and more help out to make this girl’s dreams come true. They know that they can also benefit from a fun library! I have to say, given everything, that the library looked a bit unstable, though from the inside it was perfect.

Because the library itself? BOY, I want to go there! Sundaes (though not in the way I know them), ladders (I love that as you can reach books easily then, though in this one it looks like it could also lead to adventures), books books and more books, and anything else you may want to find in a library. That is definitely a library for me!

The art was also such a delight and I really liked the style!

All in all, this is the perfect book for us bookworms who love going to libraries! This one is a dream come true.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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