Review for Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Review for Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Sofia Valdez Future Prez, Andrea Beaty, David Roberts, Picture Book, Protesting, Cute, BraveA fun book about a brave little girl who wants a park instead of a landfill! I had fun this book and was rooting for the girl!

I have read a couple of books in the Questioneers Picture Book series and was hyped when, while visiting Library #1, I found a new book in the series that I hadn’t read yet. Of course I had to bring it along with me. Because I needed to read it!

Meet Sofia. A girl who has always been there for others. Together with her grandpa she does a ton of things for the community, but she will soon start her biggest project ever! When an accident happens on a landfill, an accident involving her dear grandfather, she decides to go big. Go bold! She wants a park instead of this dangerous heap of trash. And I found her very brave and I was rooting for this little girl to get the park! Because parks are just way more fun and way healthier than a filthy and dangerous heap of trash. I loved seeing that wherever she went she touched the hearts of people.

I also loved seeing other kids from the others stories appear in the march near the end. Including a few I would love to meet, so hopefully I find the other books in the series.

The end was a tad fast, I would have loved to see the park. The whole park, not just some plants and a sign. Haha. Now it was just like a long box of text and an illustration of the neighbourhood working together. Come on. Give me more!

I did think it was a tad ridiculous that everyone wanted HER to do all the work, um, hello she is a little girl? She won’t be able to do all that..

The art? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Then again, this illustrator is one of my favs!

All in all, an inspirational book featuring a very brave girl and a big dream that I was rooting would become real.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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