Review for Tasty Mango

Review for Tasty Mango

Tasty Mango, J.J. Knight, Romance, Pregnancy, Baby, Sex, Cute, ApronThe woman delivers our coffee. I pick up my cup and inhale the heavenly French roast. I blow on the surface. The first sip is like an orgasm. Okay, not quite, but given my love life lately, it’s close.

I still cannot take the cover seriously, haha. I mean it is hot as hell and the guy looks very fine, but it is also just a tad weird to cook naked with just an apron (what is this an anime?). I am also still wondering how it is connected to the book given he doesn’t cook. XD

But to the book itself! This was such a fun book and the two characters: Havannah and Donovan were just so sweet. I love both of them. See them connect, but also learn more about what makes them tick, read about their work, their plans, what each of them would like in the future, but also see them work out if it is going to work out between the two of them. A billionaire and a girl who hasn’t got a whole lot of money (just a deli). I loved that Donovan didn’t mind that Havannah was pregnant and then later had a tiny little baby attached to her. He is a billionaire but while he does flaunt some of his money around, it was less than other billionaire romance books I read. Which I just loved. Yes, you can clearly see that Donovan is a rich rich man, but I love that he didn’t rub it around. I loved how sweet he was with Havannah and her baby. Though I guess he should have just been sweet to the baby, because Havannah has some words about Donovan being protective towards her. Haha. That scene had me laughing so much.

There are romantic moments, silly moments, poop moments (there is a baby after all and I hope that Donovan learned from this experience XD), there are moments with family, and so much more. There never was a dull moment. I just flew through the book!

CAN WE PLEASE just kill the trope or whatever it is called that always happens around 80% of a book and that makes adults stop talking to each other? Please? I read romance books with less fun because I am constantly worried this crap will happen. In this one that happens too. Our sexy billionaire Donovan sees Havannah connect with the family of her baby, being quite happy and smiling with the one who is the daddy, and instantly stops communicating with her. WTF dude? That is just not how adults should do things. If you think that something is up, or you think that maybe she needs some time, TALK, fucking TALK. I just felt so sorry for Havannah who was so eager to have some time with Donovan, talk to him, have sexy times, and he just goes radio silent. WTF dude. NO. For me this ruined a bit of the book. So yeah, 0.5 stars less. I wanted to rate this book 5 stars, but I am really getting sick and fucking tired of this crap. I mean, drama is OK, but just talk. And please, longer than just a casual conversation of 5 minutes. This is just dumb. ARGHHHH. Sorry for the rant, I had to get this out of my system.

The rest of the book was perfect. The ending after all that stuff was fantastic and really made me smile and swoon.

All in all, there is a little bump in the road around 80% but after that is all resolved a few percentages later things get better and the rest of the book was amazing. It made me laugh. It made me tear up. I needed something cool as there are sexy scenes that are well-written. The chemistry is off the charts with these two! I would definitely recommend this book to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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