Review for The Grizzly Itch

Review for The Grizzly Itch

The Grizzly Itch, Victoria Cassannell, Picture Book, Humour, Friendship, Itches, Bear, Beaver, Children's BooksA big itch leads to a beautiful friendship! I had so much fun reading this book!

I read this book in Dutch but thought I would just write my review in English, that way more people can learn about this amazing book that I would definitely recommend to all.

Meet our Bear, he was sleeping his wintery sleep but now wakes up with an ALMIGHTY itch, which I definitely recognised. Though I don’t use trees to scratch my back, haha. But this bear does and I loved seeing him walk around to the SPECIAL tree. Yep, these bears (yes, all of them) have a very special tree that they use for their itches. I had a big laugh at seeing a mighty queue of bears all waiting for the tree. It was like a line for the ladies toilet. XD

I felt for the poor bear because just when he gets his turn… the tree is gnawed over by a beaver. HOWEVER, I was also laughing by butt off, because how did the beaver NOT notice a big giant bear (and even other bears around)? I mean, you would think that such a thing would stand out especially given all the yoga poses that the bear tries to get the itch away. I was happy with beaver though. Because instead of just getting grumpy or feeling offended, he helps out the bear to find a special tree which led to many hilarious situations.

The ending had me smiling so much, it was definitely the best ending!

Oh, and I would have loved to see more of the moose! He pops up at times and I found it so funny to see him just standing there and bear/beaver not seeing him.

The art in the book was beautiful. The bear was extremely fluffy and I just wanted to step in the book to give him a hug and a scratch.

All in all, this book is highly recommended! Cute, funny, full of friendship and itches, and great art.

Star rating, 5 stars

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