Review for The Moose Fairy

Review for The Moose Fairy

The Moose Fairy, Steve Smallman, Red, Moose, Animals, No Magic, Clubs, Acceptance, Friendship, Children's Books, Picture Books,I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just HAD to check this book out, I cannot remember ever reading a book about a moose who is also a fairy, so I was very curious how it worked out and what kind of things this fairy moose could do.

This was an incredibly sweet and cute book full of glitter, HOWEVER there just wasn’t any real magic, or well, maybe that tree opening up after a special knock was magic, but that was all. And I found that a real shame. I had expected some REAL big GLITTER magic. Changing that scary fox into something totally else and less dangerous for example. Or maybe magic up some chocolate cake. This magic fairy club seemed to just be a dress-up and have glittery fun club, so yeah, I was disappointed! It was cute, but not what I had hoped when I saw the cover/the title.

I did think that animals were quite rude to moose. You clearly state it is open to everyone and yet when someone 10 times your size pops up it is a problem. I am glad that it didn’t bother Moose, at least not in the beginning, and that he just had his fun. I am happy with the ending and how things were solved. I hope Moose and his friends have tons of glittery fun. I am happy that the animals opened up their eyes and saw that Moose just wanted to be a fairy, just like them, and that he was doing an excellent job at it.

I wasn’t too happy with Moose and how easily he just spoiled the secret knock. I get that you are unhappy and frustrated but you know it was a secret!

The art was so fun! I really liked the style!

So despite that disappointment that there was no real magic, I still had fun reading this book and would rate it 3 stars. Acceptance and glitter!

Star rating, 3 stars

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