Review for The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook

Review for The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook

The Unofficial TikTok Cookbook: 75 Internet-Breaking Recipes for Snacks Drinks Treats, and More!, Cooking, Food, TikTok, Baking, Fun, Snacks, Non-Fiction, Unicorn, Valentina MussiI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I haven’t used TikTok or watched it, I don’t want to. Twitter is enough social media for me + I am a very private person and making videos is out. But I just couldn’t resist a cookbook with such yummy things on the cover. I just had to check out what more yummy things would be in this book. Mm! Yum!

Before the recipes start we get some information on TikTok and on how to make cooking/recipe videos. I have to be honest, I mostly skimmed this. I have no intention of making videos. Thankfully, starting from chapter two we get recipes! I love that we begin with drinks, I hadn’t expected that one, generally the cookbooks I read drinks come just before or after desserts. The drink section had some very fun and yummy sounding recipes and I would love to try out a few when I get the chance.

Next up is breakfast and my stomach was rumbling. She liked the drinks and was eager to go for something more sturdy and big. There are tons of yummy breakfast foods, though I think I will just stay with my 1 or 2 slices of bread in the morning. Haha. I am just too tired in the morning to make tons of food, and yes, I could do it the day before, but after a long day and already having cooked dinner, the last I want is make food for the next day. 😛

After that snacks and I just wanted those mozzarella snacks, never heard of them before but DANG, that looks good! So this chapter starts off perfectly. And the rest of the chapter was just as delicious and just made my stomach rumble like crazy. She wanted ALL the foods. NOW. Sorry stomach, I don’t have most of the ingredients in house (I guess in the US you do as many of the recipes are assuming you just have them lying around). The last two chapters are lunch/dinner and desserts! I really enjoyed reading those two and was amazed at all the yummy food. Yes, I have read the book so far, but really, it just gets yummier with each page.

My favourite part of the book? Snacks! I made so many pictures (as I got this ebook only limited) so I can check them out later and try to make them. I am considering buying the book when it comes out, but I first want to try some of these recipes.

There are also tips on many of the pages, some had to do with food, others with Tiktok. So it was a bit hit/miss for me if I liked them. I mean, food tips, yas, but tiktok tips, I don’t care. XD

I am glad that at the end there was a Standard US/Metric Measurement Conversions part. REALLY, I was already worried I would have to go online and do all the things. I always hate doing that. Thank you for adding this one!

Though I have no clue where to get some of the items. I mean, canned biscuits???? Biscuit dough? Blue Majik (which sounds like Jpop band to me)? Ritz crackers? And several other items. I guess in the US these are just easily accessible, but I guess I am have to order online or find alternatives that are in the stores here.

All in all though, I am very happy I got this book and that I could read it. I cannot wait to try my hands on this book. I would recommend it to all who love cooking and want some yummy new recipes. Be warned, you may lick the pages because the photographs look so yummy. Haha.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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