Review for The World’s Most Pointless Animals: Or are they?

Review for The World’s Most Pointless Animals: Or are they?

The World's Most Pointless Animals: Or are they?, Philip Bunting, Humour, Funny, ANimals, Non-Fiction, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

When I saw the title I knew I had to press the Read Now button. I had to read this book. I love books about animals and lately I have been moving towards the more silly books about animals to still my hunger for animal facts. This one seemed to fit the bill and I can say after reading it, yes it did. It was all I wanted and more.

In this book we meet all sorts of silly, weird, strange, and at the first glance pointless animals. But are they really pointless is the biggest question. Because as we find out each animal has something that is pretty cool and not so pointless. The book is written full of humour and I laughed plenty while reading this one. I loved that each page had one animal highlighted. Well, some animals just got a bit more attention with TWO pages! But most had one.

Each animal gets a big picture (featuring some funny and good art) of said animal with all kinds of little arrows pointing to parts of the animal’s body and listing something about it. And no, not the boring stuff you may get with biology books. Oh no. No bones this or eyeball that. No we get facts like: “Word of advice, never throw a surprise party for a myotonic goat.” or for the Dung Beetle: “Eats poop!” and “Some live in poop.” and “Loves poop.”. It really made me laugh and I loved that they added this. I also like the fake Latin name each animal got. Some favourites: Scaredius Stiffus (Goat), Wibblious Wobblious Ouchii (Jellyfish), Waitiae Waitiea Longus Timus Flappi Flappi Buzz Buzz Flappi Flappi Buzz Buzz Deadus (Cicada), and lastly Dracularis Barkus Bambi (Tufted Deer).

Next to the funny parts we also get some information about the animal, what it does, how it lives, and what kind of special things they can do. I loved the combination of silly/funny and (mostly) serious. That is how I like my non-fiction books these days!

OH, and I even met some animals I didn’t know about (like Pink Fairy Armadillo (which I had to look up as I couldn’t believe something like this existed) or the Giraffe Weevil).

All in all, HIGHLY recommended. This was just so much fun and definitely one of my favourite books of June! I will be buying this book for my collection when it releases~

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