Review for Up North

Review for Up North

Up North, Black/White, Pink Letters, Naked, ROmance, Alaska, LGBT, Allison Temple, Fame, Movie star, Fishing Guide, Sister/BrotherI received this book from Gay Romance Reviews Tours in exchange of an honest review.

A fabulous and fantastic read that I finished in almost one sitting (just sleep that came in between). About a movie star and a rugged fisherman.

Meet David, or Damian as he is known to MANY people. He is movie star who just had one too much scandal on his belt (his newest? Calling his director some cough choice words). He is shipped off to Alaska. For some time off. To relax. Maybe think a bit about he wants. I immediately took a liking to David/Damian. Especially when he didn’t act like a stuck-up movie star. The many stories I have read featuring spoiled movie stars, but not Damian/David. He treated everyone normally and acted very friendly. Sure, there was one big thing I wasn’t a fan of with David. And that was when he started falling for that rugged fisherman who didn’t know who he really was. I just wanted him to talk. To tell him. That is just how honesty works.
I loved seeing David grow though. From sulky movie star who really just wanted to continue that franchise to a guy who was looking for other options and was trying to find a new road to go to. His growth doesn’t just stop, it keeps going and I was so proud of him. I was really rooting for him to find something that he would truly enjoy doing.

Jack… it took me a bit to like him. He was a tad grumpy, especially in the beginning. But as we learn more about him I could see where he is coming from and I started liking him more and more. I loved that he was a fisherman, I cannot remember a story featuring that as a MC. Just like David he grows quite a bit in the story. He is figuring out what to do. Being a fisherman/guide is what he really likes but that is mostly seasonal so he is trying to figure out what is next. Not to mention, he is also thinking about his sister and how to support her. While I did think his reaction may be a bit over the top when things get revealed, I could also not blame him. However, I did think it was a bit rude to instantly think that David was the same as all the other rich people while he has been with David for days and could clearly see someone else. It was just so weird. I guess he was just angry at David and that is what influenced it, but it stood out for me.

I loved the parts where our guys fished… or well, it began with fishing and often ended a bit more heated than that. Teehee. I never thought I would love reading about fishing this much. 😉

There are also sex scenes and the author did a great job on writing some very steamy scenes. OH BOY fans herself. So hot!

Next to two fantastic lead characters we also have a great cast of side-characters. Like Jack’s sister Stef! Who I just adored though also wanted to give a big hug. She has relationship problems, a son who is autistic and needs all the help, we see that she is struggling. I loved their relationship and loved that they chatted whenever they could. I am also glad that Jack can be honest with her. Though she may not want to hear it. Haha.
Then there is Vin. AH, Vin. I just love that guy. He is hilarious, funny, silly, and totally Vin. I love reading about his clothes, about his friendship with David, about all the things he did for David (including putting up a play which ended in seasickness XL). I would definitely LOVE a book full of Vin!
Then there is Marci. The girl who works at the lodge. Who at first seems a bit too hard-core of a fan, but turns out to be a great addition to the story and I just started really liking her.

The ending (both the 2 months after and the epilogue of a year later) was fantastic! I just love that these two got back, had that BIG BIG conversation (well, after the fans had gone back to their tables), and discussed things. Oh yes, and of course the sex. Haha. I was just squealing in happiness that these two were not giving up. That they were going to try. Try for a happy ending. The epilogue had me smiling even more. I love what David did for the writers and what he has for plans.

Long review short, READ THIS BOOK! Haha, as you can see I got tons of emotions and I already had to hold myself in as I could talk about this book for way longer than the current 800-ish words.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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