StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing July 2021

StickiiClub ~ Cute x Pop Unboxing July 2021

Good afternoon all~

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A cute/poppish welcome to a new StickiiClub Unboxing! This time I got you all July’s stickers and they are once again ADORABLE!

Plus, I am so happy that I can keep this one. We have new tax rules and such in Europe and that means that it is a bit more expensive to get stuff from outside Europe here. Since StickiiClub is from outside I was worried that maybe I would have to pay extra… but this one fits in my mailbox so no extra costs! Yas!

What is Stickiiclub? It is a monthly sticker subscription, you can get three kind of packs, Cute, Vintage, or Pop. It is quite cheap, 10 dollars (around 8 euro) per pack. Shipping depends on where you live. For me it is 2.5 dollar.
Each pack has a minimum of 10 items. 6+ sticker sheets, 3 stationery items + 1 STICKII storage insert (which I love, now I just need an A5 binder with 6 rings). As you can see there is plenty to love about these packs. If you want more on the packs/Stickii Club check out their homepage.

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The first photograph and this one is the sleeve! This month the theme is The Kawaii Life! I love the theme. We get a stamp? Clear sticker? Still unsure what it is. Along with a notepad *please, I don’t want these*

Next up a beautiful purple/blue stickersheet with yummy food and cute girls. Along with a box that you can fold. I am not sure how eager I am about that, I try to minimize what I have in house and a box is just not going to be used.

Next up are these two cuties. I am not too sure about the ones on the left as I don’t have a journal or use a normal agenda… but they are cute. I will find a place. The ones next are adorable and I love that they have glitters/shiny bits. 

Next up is an adorable little fox!! Really it is just so cute! And of course, my favourite, Pusheen! I am so happy that I get Pusheen stickers every month!
And the last thing in the cute collection are these sheets. One with cute animals hiding in stationery, the other featuring bread, jam, and kitchen stuff along with cute helpers. 
Stickii Club, Stickers 

First up the sheet along with a notepad (help, I don’t want these), a cute clear stamp (at least I am guessing that is it), and bonus stickers. The theme of this month’s POP is Plants and Noods. I love it!

First up, people stickers. Haha. I am not too sure about the art style on the first two sticker sheets, it is intriguing, but not entirely my style. The third one is though and I can’t wait to stick one of these on my laptop.

One of my favourite stickers right here! I just love those samples (at least I would call them that) that we get, the only problem.. they are too pretty to use. Haha. The one of the left is also darn pretty and I love that it is one that incorporates both themes. 

My absolute favourite sheets! I just love Japanese houses and pretty houses in general so this makes me very happy. 

And that is it for this month’s StickiiClub! I am SO SO happy with these two and I cannot wait to stick some stickers on things.. my Kindle is sadly a bit full, but I got some other places. Teehee. I hope you enjoyed my post.

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