What I Hope To Read August 2021

What I Hope To Read August 2021

Hey all!

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Welcome all to a new post featuring all the new August 2021 books I would love to read!

Though, haha, given that I am on vacation for most of August, I will probably be reading these in September. My vacation is quite huge so there is probably no room for anything new. BUT, I still have plenty of books that I want to read so I will show you all of them! There are plenty of spooky/thriller reads coming out in August which I both love and find funny. Normally I got quite a variety in my books but this time? Horror and thriller galore! I cannot wait to read these books because OH BOY they sound all so good.

I even got two pre-orders, but that is because those are Kindle books. Other than that I would love to pre-order these books but again, Amazon is still having MAJOR issues with stocking their books, I mean this month I finally got a book I pre-ordered in April/May.

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