WWW Wednesday #4 ~ 14-07-2021

WWW Wednesday #4 ~ 14-07-2021

HI all!

Welcome to a new WWW Wednesday! I just love featuring this post bi-weekly, I look forward to it! This week tons of books, both good and not so good. Plus, my week is going fine!

About WWW Wednesdays: WWW WednesdayΒ is a meme hosted by Sam ofΒ Taking on a World of Words. It is a fun way to show readers what you are reading, what you finished, what you want to read next.

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:
Days of Sand, Boy, Camera, America, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction, SunIjslollly recepten, Cesar Roden, Paulina de Nijs, Cooking, Cookbook, IcecreamMinisterie van Hysterie, Humour, Laura Buelinckx, Face, Woman, Make-up
I just couldn’t pick what to read so I picked three books! I got this whole evening free as my husband is out (he finally can meet up with a friend at a cafΓ©, so he is having fun). Days of Sand I am definitely the most hyped about as I just love Aimee de Jongh’s work. She does amazing things. So I am highly curious what this one is about and how it will look. Next up, ice cream. The weather isn’t sunny, but it is hot here and clammy so I could use some ice cream ideas. And the last book and one with a funny cover is the one I am a bit on the fence about. I did read a few bits already and I will give it a bit more before I make a decision, the premise is hilarious so I hope it gets more funny.
Recently Finished:

These 3 books. One comic, one graphic novel, and a manga. The manga’s romance was just not up to snuff, and there were other things I wasn’t a fan of. But the art was pretty and the MC got much better as the story went on. The middle one, Jonna, just missed story, context, and backstory. It was just rushed, action scenes left and right, and I didn’t feel for the characters. And the last is Hematite a comic about a vampire who isn’t so much into all the vampire things. Prefers soup over blood. Other paranormal friends and a human crush over vampires. But it just missed something and I felt like I got thrown into the middle of a story. So yeah, not a good group of books, sadly.Β 
What I want to read next:
The Mission House, Carys Davies, Plants, South India, British, Historical Fiction, Travel
This book! I just love historical fiction and this one takes place in South India. I am very curious about it, the premise sounds so interesting. I am curious how the MC is treating the people in South India. He is British and it is apparently just around or after the colonial times. So that can go many ways and I am curious which way the author will pick.

That concludes this WWW Wednesday! Thank you all for reading! Let me know what you think of my books and what you are reading (or share the book you just finished). Have a great Wednesday (or last part of it for the peeps from Europe).

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