Blog Tour ~ Dagger Hill by Devon Taylor ~ Review + Giveaway

Blog Tour ~ Dagger Hill by Devon Taylor ~ Review + Giveaway

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Dagger HIll, Devon Taylor, Horror, Mystery, Young Adult, Gasmask, Multiple POV, Scary

A spooky welcome to the Blog Tour for Dagger Hill by Devon Taylor! A book I am delighted to have had the chance to read because HOLY WOW.

I got a 5-starred review for you all to read, but also got information on the book + author, and oh yes, be sure to join the giveaway!

Let’s get started~


I received this book from the publisher/Xpresso Tour Hosts in exchange of an honest review.

I am always looking around for spooky and scary horror and I definitely got my fill with this AMAZING book! It was a bit of a slow start at first, getting to know the characters, the town, but quite soon things just went into a maelstrom of everything and I just couldn’t, wouldn’t put the book down. I am going to try to write a review but BOY I got so many feels about this epic book. It may be chaotic. Haha.

The author wrote this book so so good, I mean, at points it felt like I wasn’t reading… I was actually there. With the plane crash, really, the time stood still for these kids but it felt the same way for me. It was as if I was on that clearing. Watching everything, helpless to do anything. There are many other scenes that had this and I just love it when authors are able to do this. It definitely doesn’t always happen. It definitely made everything even scarier~

We have a group of friends as our MCs, but we also get to see some interludes in which we see some other characters. As the time goes on and things get more and more harried we see some more of the town people. I definitely loved those interludes and loved seeing how things got more and more scary in the town.
The main MCs, Gabe, Charlie, and Sonya, and in the beginning also Kimberley. I really liked them a lot, though, haha, I kept confusing Gabe and Charlie constantly. No clue why given that they were wildly different. One was a goofball and the other more serious. I loved Sonya especially as she was such a kick-ass girl (with some cool coding/hacking skills) who was determined to do whatever she could to get her girl back. Yep, you read that right! I was so happy to read about this! I was rooting for Sonya (and in more than one way given she hadn’t told Kimberley about her feelings).
They weren’t superficial characters at all, which is what sometimes happens in books with multiple POVs. I really liked reading about each character, about their future plans, about how they felt about their friends (and one of them should have seen the hints), about their friendship, and more. I was invested in each of these characters.
I was rooting for all of these characters, because as we learn more about the history of the town, about the anomalies, we know that the plane crash and the military aren’t the scariest things to come.

I loved learning more about the town, about Dagger Hill, about the anomalies. There is a lot more to this story and I was squeeing happily each time we got some new bit of information. The anomalies were well written, and while at first I was scared to bits about Bug Man, we later see that he is one of the good guys, which may sound weird but is absolutely 100% the truth. While he still scared me shitless I was also looking forward to seeing him again, see what his next step in the plan is to help these kids and their town.

Haha, can I say that I am not sure who is worse: The anomaly that is with Dagger Hill or Higgins? Lord. Higgins was just pure evil. I don’t see this as a spoiler, I got bad vibes from that person from the very start. I won’t say much more than that, but I was kind of hoping throughout the book that Higgins would just get eaten or disappear magically. XD

The ending, WOW, what a trip that was. If you thought the book couldn’t get any better than there is the ending with tons of excitement, scary moments, but also relief. It was just the perfect way to end this book!

All in all, I could probably talk and talk more and more about this book but I don’t want to make things too long, so I will stop here and just say this: READ THIS BOOK!! NOW!!

Star rating, 5 stars

Dagger HIll, Devon Taylor, Horror, Mystery, Young Adult, Gasmask, Multiple POV, ScaryStranger Things meets One of Us Is Lying in this creepy paranormal mystery about four friends who find themselves hunted by a malevolent presence in their sleepy hometown.
It knows your fear…
Summer, 1989. Four best friends—Gabe, Kimberly, Charlie, and Sonya—are preparing for their last summer together before senior year, after which they’ll all be splitting up to start college in different parts of the country. They make a promise to always find their way back to each other, no matter how far away from their sleepy Pennsylvania hometown they get.
But their plans are destroyed when a plane crashes right on top of their favorite hangout outside of town—and right on top of them.
In the catastrophic aftermath of the incident, Gabe, Sonya and Charlie are plagued by eerie visions and messages from an unknown watcher. They soon realize that the plane crash was no accident, and now they are being hunted by a sinister presence. And everyone is still searching for Kimberly, who has been missing ever since Gabe saw somebody wearing a gas mask carry her out of the woods the day the sky fell down on them…

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About the author:

Devon Taylor, Author, Stairs, Photograph, Red ShirtDevon Taylor was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters. His day job consists of sneaking around the house with ninja-like stealth to avoid waking up his kids. When not writing, reading, or tediously typing out text messages with all the correct spelling and punctuation, he spends his time with his family. THE SOUL KEEPERS is his debut novel.

Find him here:       
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    1. Thank you!! I would really highly recommend it. And I love that too, it doesn’t always happen so it is an amazing feeling when a book does it.

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