Blog Tour ~ Hitched to the Gunslinger by Michelle McLean ~ Excerpt (NEW) + Teaser

Blog Tour ~ Hitched to the Gunslinger by Michelle McLean ~ Excerpt (NEW) + Teaser

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A romantic welcome to the Blog Tour for Hitched to the Gunslinger by Michelle McLean! I can hear my readers wonder, but Mehsi, didn’t you participate in a blog tour for this one earlier this vacation? Um, yes. I signed up for two of these, but decided to NOT do one because of my vacation. However, my tired and vacation-filled brain did the tour I cancelled, and since I don’t feel like mailing, I will the one I was supposed to do as well! Haha.

For today’s post I got a brand-new shiny excerpt, a teaser, and of course book/author information~

Heeyaw! 🤠🤠, let’s get started!

Gray “Quick Shot” Woodson is the fastest gun west of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, he’s ready to hang up his hat. Sure, being notorious has its perks. But the nomadic lifestyle—and people always tryin’ to kill you—gets old real fast.
Now he just wants to find a place to retire so he can spend his days the way the good Lord intended. Staring at the sunset. And napping.
When his stubborn horse drags him into a hole-in-the-wall town called Desolation, something about the place calls to Gray, and he figures he might actually have a shot at a sleepy retirement.
His optimism lasts about a minute and a half.
Soon he finds himself embroiled in a town vendetta and married to a woman named Mercy. Who, judging by her aggravating personality, doesn’t know the meaning of her own name. In fact, she’s downright impossible.
But dang it if his wife isn’t irresistible. If only she’d stop trying to steal his guns to go after the bad guys herself.
There goes his peace and quiet…

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About the author:

USA Today bestselling author Michelle McLean is a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl who is addicted to chocolate and Goldfish crackers and spent most of her formative years with her nose in a book. She has degrees in history and English and is thrilled that she sort of gets to use them. Her novel Truly, Madly, Sweetly, written as Kira Archer, was adapted as a Hallmark Original movie in 2018.
When Michelle’s not working, reading, or chasing her kids around, she can usually be found baking, diamond painting, or trying to find free wall space upon which to hang her diamond paintings. She resides in PA with her husband and two teens, the world’s most spoiled dog, and a cat who absolutely rules the house. She also writes contemporary romance as Kira Archer.

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That damn nuisance Josiah Banff was sitting like a general in the middle of Mercy’s yard, giving her some sort of ultimatum, Gray assumed. His voice was too low to make out everything he was saying, and Gray didn’t want to move closer so he could hear better. He could guess what the man was saying well enough. He’d met plenty of men like Josiah. Mercy, spitfire that she was, had no such issue with volume.
“I’ve told you a hundred times, Josiah Banff, my property is not for sale. And neither am I!”
She hitched the shotgun up on her shoulder a little higher. Good girl.
“You want it, you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands!” she shouted.
He shook his head. Not so good. Giving your enemy ideas is really not a great strategy.
“Suit yourself. We all have to live with the consequences of our choices, Miss Douglas,” Josiah said. “Have a pleasant morning.”
The sound of one lone horse riding off triggered a nagging feeling of foreboding in Gray’s gut. Men like Josiah rarely stuck around to do their own dirty work. So, if he was the only one leaving…things were about to get messy.
Gray squirmed in his chair. It had nothing to do with the strange and irritating desire that suddenly crawled through him to rush to Mercy’s aid. He just needed a cushion for his chair was all. Though, if ever a woman could manage to weasel her way past his carefully laid internal defenses it would probably be her. But she hadn’t. And wouldn’t. Because becoming embroiled in her life was not part of his plan. He just needed a better chair.
Though one could argue he was already embroiled in it, seeing as how they were publicly engaged and all. But that didn’t mean he had to put forth any undue effort. He was supposed to sit there and look pretty. Or scary. Or whatever.
He gave a long-suffering sigh. If he knew Mercy, and he was beginning to think he did, that woman was bound to make the situation worse. He was just about to stand up and see if she needed a hand when the first shot was fired.
Dammit. What did a man have to do to get a nap around here?

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