Library Haul 9-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)

Library Haul 9-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)

Afternoon all~

A warm welcome to the very first Vacation Library Haul!

Yep, this girl just couldn’t resist and had to go on the very first official full day of vacation to the library. XD I was looking forward to it, especially given that Corona rules were a bit simpler, no quarantining books like last year. Which makes me happy because BOY that was so much trouble last year. I was very happy to see the library again and find out what new books there were added!

I found quite a few books, very hyped about the Poirot book, I am curious if this new writer can write a good Poirot… or not. I also found some other fun new kid’s books I hadn’t seen at my other library.

I am in a bit of a slump due to stress and a review book for a tour I got just 2 days before my vacation (total surprise) and only got a couple of days to read.. I decided to stop reading that for now, maybe just bits and pieces when I feel up to it, but any other book… it is not working. So crossing fingers that these books will ignite my book hunger again as I got a lot of books to read.

Like last time, I won’t add a book list, but you can check my shelves on Goodreads if you want a link to the books. For the comics I am probably going for whatever is already there as I don’t want to do too much during my vacation (especially not with spotty internet).

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