Review for Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms

Review for Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms

Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms, Pompoms, Cheerleading, LGBT, Romance, Transgender, Girls, Graphic Novel, Crystal Frasier, Val WiseI received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am soooo soooo delighted that I got the chance to read this book early (it is now March) because oh boy this was just SO CUTE and so wonderfully written. I am going to try and write a review, but bear with me as I just have so much feelings!

I will just do a what I like/what I wasn’t always a fan of, because I have been trying for 20 minutes to get something typed. Haha.

What I liked:
😍Annie! At first I wasn’t too sure about her, she seemed to so angry and not happy, but I started to love her quite soon. She was just so awesome and tough! I loved seeing her open up to Bebe and them becoming friends (and well, more) again. I loved how she was there for Bebe. I loved how she supported Bebe. And I loved how she started to enjoy cheerleading! Also that dress during prom? YAS! I want one as well!
😍Bebe! She is such an amazing and strong character, and I was so happy that she could be who she wanted to be, a girl. I was sad though that it often felt like she had to do all the things for people just to be accepted and I just wanted to step in the story to tell her that she didn’t need to do that. That people should just respect her regardless of everything. I hope that she is able to transition when she is adult, because for now she is only on puberty blockers and wearing female clothes/make-up. I can only imagine how hard it is for her to have to wait. To pray that the puberty blockers work.
😍I just love cheerleading so it made me very happy to see the team. At first I was a bit on the fence about the team but quite soon I could see that the girls there all really cared about Bebe. Though it took some prodding from Annie at times. I also loved that the cheerleading team wasn’t your conventional cheerleaders. You know, the ones I always see in books/movies, pretty, thin, popular, often blonde. In this one we got a wide range of girls. From tiny and round to big and strong. It made me very happy to see that cheerleaders could also be that. And see them kick some butt!
😍The art! It was so pretty and I love how it fitted the book perfectly.
😍Seeing Bebe and Annie get closer and get together, I don’t see this a spoiler as it is pretty obvious from quite early in the book (also the blurb). I am glad that they also had a talk when things got a bit more serious between the two of them. Bebe is still unsure about if she likes boys/girls, but she does know that she likes Bebe.
😍The relationship, the build-up to them getting together was well done and it wasn’t too fast, it was just right!
😍The ending had me squeeing and crying and smiling. It was a rollercoaster of emotions!
😍I have to say that throughout the book I was already a squealing and squeeing mess of a person.
😍I loved that coming out/talk during the prom. I won’t spoil anything else, but I was so happy for that person!
😍That thing that happened at the ending during prom. Go girls!
😍The ending just had me in tears that was just so precious and wonderful and awesome.

On the fence/not always like:
😶I was actually shocked by how the parents were, at least in the beginning! I mean, I was at least happy that they supported her and were OK with her being a girl. But… I wasn’t OK with how controlling they were, how she could only transition if she followed her parents strict guidelines, got good grades, that sort of thing. Sorry, but what the actual hell parents? I get that it is all new to you, but this is not how it works, this is how you lose your kid when she finally gets to be an adult. There were also other parts that had me scratching my head. BUT, I am very happy that eventually the parents, or well at least the dad at first seemed to understand that his daughter wanted to be a bit more free and that she would be fine. She would be safe with her friends.
😶That one guy who kept harassing Bebe. Really DUDE, just go away. She clearly stated NO many times, it shouldn’t take all her friends for you to finally freaking understand it. I found the dude very creepy and I just wanted him out of the story.

So all in all, this is ONE AMAZING BOOK! Be sure to check it out when it releases in a few days.

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