Review for Choose Your Own Adventure: Eight Grade Witch

Review for Choose Your Own Adventure: Eight Grade Witch

Choose Your Own Adventure Eighth Grade Witch, Confusing, Weird, Graphic Novel, Choose Your Own Adventure, Children's Books, Witches, Mystery, E.L. Thoams, Andrew Gaska, Valerio ChiolaI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am so sorry, but this book just wasn’t for me. Or well, the premise sounded good, there were some good things in there, but often the choices and the route they took were just odd and felt really off. At times I was confused as what the hell happened? Like when the girl goes back after that meeting and find her house dilapidated but we don’t know why. Or the security guard who suddenly goes in the basement and then comes out half-dead???

I tried reading this book, I tried doing other routes, but I am still so utterly confused. I am still not even sure what happened 80% of the time. I did get that the main thing was the house and the witches, and Astrid being highly sus. But other than that… nope. It just didn’t work out for me.

Which just made me sad as I really really love these kind books. I love Choose Your Own Adventure books. Read plenty of them. Love making maps with routes. I love it when they are spooky and scary and creepy and OMG, what will happen next. I love that this one is a graphic novel, most of the Choose Your Own Adventure books I read were normal novels. But this one needs some serious work. Better routes. Showing clearly why x happened because often it just made zero sense when you went into a route. Less convenient things (like the phone not having a lock or anything). A better understanding what the main route is.

The art though, I quite liked that one. So I am giving the book half a star more.

Star rating, 1.5 stars

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