Review for Hex Vet #2: Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery

Review for Hex Vet #2: Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery

Hex Vet: The Flying Surgery, Sam Davies, Vet, Children's Books, Magic, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Girls, Flying Pig, clouds, Animals, ExcitingThe second book, this time we are going in the sky! Also flying pigs are real~

Sadly, while I am still rating this book 3 stars.. I have to say I enjoyed this way less than the first book. That was mostly because of Nurse Ariel who had small parts in the first one and there he (or they) annoyed me to no ends, but in this one they get a big big role and boy I just wanted to yeet him off that airballoon/house thingie. More on that later. First let me talk about the good things.

I just love that in this one we are going in the sky to have a few moments with witches who have flying pets or who find it easier to go to a place that is flying in the sky. I was curious about what animals/critters we would meet given we have seen some colourful ones in the previous book. I was definitely delighted to see the various animals and wished there were more.

I loved seeing Nan and Clarion. Nan is really starting to become a character I really like, I just have to get over her scary facial expression (I know, you would think years of watching anime with misunderstood male MCs would have fixed that, but apparently not). I love how she works hard and tries her best to show people that she is a good witch, despite her family. I am definitely rooting for this girl. Then there is Clarion and she is my favourite, been like that from the first book. I just love how sweet, kind, and soft she is. How well she treats both animals and their owners. She stands her ground, though at times I just wanted to give her a big big hug in this one.

There is also a quite exciting plot about smugglers, a flying pig, and a strange man with too much arm strength (if you see what he does you will get it). It was quite exciting and while I did enjoy reading it… I wouldn’t have minded just a whole 112 pages about animals and their witches and their ailments. Haha. The flying pig was just so adorable, and really? Can I get one? Please? Look how cute it is!

Now to the less parts. There was quite a bit of dialogue at times, sometimes just a bit too much. But the biggest part that made me -1 star this book is Nurse Ariel and his/their horrible attitude towards everyone. I mean, they are a total bitch towards our two trainees. He even bitched about an older grandpa who is very good with plants and the likes and just wants to volunteer and is more than able to help. They were mean towards our two trainees while they were doing what they were told to be doing. And so on, my lord. Even later they are even rude towards two customers. WTF? I don’t get why this person is still part of this practice. I do hope in later books this person becomes a bit better. That excuse near the end was so unbelievable especially given how they ended the conversation.

The art was still fabulous, though at times I question the design choice of going for black eyes, it just looked off/weird. I also had that feeling in the first book but it was stronger in this one.

All in all, despite that Nurse Ariel ruined things for me, I had fun reading this book and I do hope that more Hex Vet books will appear in the future.

Star rating, 3 stars

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