Review for Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter

Review for Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter

Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter, Graham Carter, Bird, Animals, Picture Books, Children's Books, Nest, Cute, HumourA funny and beautiful book about birds, friendship, and that taking something home… may be both the worst and the best idea ever.

This was an amazing and fun book about a little boy who loves exploring the world and discovering all new things. His family also loves discovering new things.. but they do it from the inside. They have an amazing house perfect for bird-watching. It was a fun contrast between his family who was hunkering down in the house and he was just outside. Having a great time. I had a laugh when he discovered that footprint and then instantly knew what was going to happen when he found an egg. I loved the friendship between the two and I had a big laugh at seeing the bird grow and grow and grow. I am happy with what the bird had to make sure he wasn’t instantly spotted though it made for some very hilarious scenes (like that one with the swimming pool).

In the end he has to make a big decision and I found myself rooting for him to do it. It was such a sweet part of the book, I definitely got teary-eyed.

The ending had me smiling because it was just the sweetest ending. And I am happy that our little boy was able to get his family outside. They miss out so much otherwise. Birds, flowers, trees, everything. How could you stay inside? And now they can finally see all they miss. I just love how our MC is leading them around showing them everything!

The art was just absolute gorgeous, I loved it so much. I am going to see if this illustrator did more work because I definitely need more!

All in all, highly recommended. Do you love adventure? Friendship? Big animals? Animals and then birds specifically? Go give this a shot!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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