Review for Sleepless in Sicily

Review for Sleepless in Sicily

Sleepless in Sicily, Emma Jackson, Blue, Sicily, Italy, Movies, Famous, Romance, CuteI received this book from Netgalley/Orion Dash in exchange of an honest review. Though the copy I read was my own.

Haha, how to start confusing. I got an ARC for this one from Orion Dash (so hyped to be part of their club), but that one just wasn’t working for me in the way of format, so I pre-ordered the book and read that instead. XD

Now to the book. The book starts off fantastic, but sadly… things go south and that was mostly due to Lila. I don’t mind insecurity. I don’t mind someone with social anxiety. I want to make that clear, because I know how the internet is these days. However. Lila’s constant thoughts about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE just got very depressing, tiring, and really pulled me away from the book. Lila was CONSTANTLY thinking/worrying/making up scenarios/acting all out of it. At points she would be MID-conversation, gets asked a question and it takes her 4 pages (Kindle) of thoughts before she answers, by which time I am out and already forgot the question… having to go back again. That is just too much. I mean, just a few sentences, sure. But 4 freaking pages of worries, anxiety, OMG will I be still loved, OMG people, OMG fill whatever, it was too much. And that is how the whole book goes. And that is why I am rating this book way lower. Because I just dreaded Lila’s POV. I just dreaded that whole clusterfuck of thoughts that would inevitably come. I mean, seriously? Why didn’t she go and find help? Why did she just walk around with this? This was so unhealthy. She is constantly second-guessing everyone and rolls in a whirlpool of bad thoughts all day.

Rowan was also not all that, especially later he just got a tad weird, hard to explain, but I much more prefer the Rowan we met in that closet. XD But still, Rowan’s POV was one that was a breath of fresh air.

The romance? Sure.. there was some flirting, but really? SPOILER ALERT. It takes up to 60% before they freaking kiss. And then things go much faster. But 60% until someone kisses? NO. I don’t mind if it takes a bit of time, but this was just too late for me. Plus, given how it took them, it was, for me, weird how fast they had sex and the whole shebang. Like, oh, we kissed, now OK, that is a hurdle done, let’s go sex!

The story was also very slow paced and at times I just wanted the story to go just a bit further, a bit faster. A bit more.

We also have something happening between a movie star and a make-up artist and I was happy to see how that was handled and what Rowan did there. I was pretty proud of him.

Mehsi, was there something you did like? Sure, Rowan x Lila was, despite all the issues, still a couple with tons of chemistry. The beginning part with the closet was the best part of the whole book, I loved those pages. I loved reading about Sicily (still want to visit one day). The cover is just absolutely freaking YAS and I would love to frame it. I love reading about the movie from two POV (even if one is a girl who constantly drowns in thoughts). See how it goes with make-up but also with the movie stars. I loved Rowan’s family and Lila’s brother was the best.

I think if Lila’s thought had been cut down (on Goodreads I even mentioned that this book could easily be 50-100 pages less then), the pacing was a bit better, this could have been a dream of a book. Now.. not so much and I sadly have to rate it:

Star rating, 2 stars


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