Review for What’s Up, Beanie?

Review for What’s Up, Beanie?

What's Up, Beanie?: Acutely Relatable Comics, Alina Tysoe, Girl, Woman, Pink Hair, Objects, Comics, Humour, Relatable, Non-fiction,I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, I am so so hyped that I get to read this book early. I have been following Beanie comics for some time now and I am excited that there will be a whole book collecting the comics. I knew there would be plenty I would recognise, but since I have been following so long there would also be ones I may not remember right away. And anyway, I don’t mind re-reading this, this comic is just the best and makes me laugh, something that, given the news we are going to get this evening (Jan 12th), is sorely needed.

I love that this book is split up in parts. We begin with mini Beanie, go to Teen Beanie, and then end up with Adult Beanie. That is just perfect. Adult Beanie does pop up sometimes to talk to Mini Beanie about how things are now. But that is perfect, I love the reactions of Mini Beanie on the revelations of the older one. But back to that I love that the book is split up, normally her comics are totally random on what you may get each week. I am generally not a big fan of Teen Beanie for instance, and Mini Beanie is cute but at times just a bit too much. So this book is perfect to have as you can just go to the Beanie of your choice without having to search or go through lots and lots of comics. Though I have to say that I was surprised how little Teen Beanie there was in this book, it was 20-ish pages, which just feels weird as the Mini and Adult get so many more pages (+/- 100 each).

All in all, I had tons of fun reading this. Seeing the antics of Mini Beanie, read how Teen Beanie got to live in a new country, see tons of doggies in the Adult Beanie and how her relationship with Mike started (plus so many relatable comics in that part). I just love this artist’s style and how she draws things. Things are just cute and I love the expressions on human and animals. And those last pages were just chef kiss perfect! Highly recommended! Will be adding this one to my collection when I can.

Star rating, 5 stars

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