Sunday’s TBR Updates 1-8-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates 1-8-2021

Afternoon all!

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Welcome all and happy Sunday! Welcome to a shiny new Sunday’s TBR Updates and also the last normal one before we head into vacation mode TBR posts!

This week was normal. Busy, very busy. Packing bags, grabbing all the stuff needed for camping, prep my book blog even further and get things scheduled on Twitter for my vacation. In between all that, take breaks (because my husband clearly saw that I was going too hard with things), finally eating that nacho pizza from New York Pizza (which I have been wanting to eat forever), enjoy the slightly cooler weather.
Reading-wise: I can’t complain. Good week. Good books. Got my Netgalley down to 7, so YAS. My Kindle is a bit emptier as well as I finally read some books I have been meaning to read.

What did I read from my TBR? Valentijn in de sneeuw (), Wintervuur (this was just so good, snow and flirting, just not a fan of Jurgen), Sequin and Stitch (fun, a bit simple, but love the mom’s designs), Dino is de weg kwijt (cute, simple, but the dinosaurs were great), Een mummie heeft mijn huiswerk opgegeten (hilarious, I wouldn’t mind doing that math equation if it means going to Egypt), Handboek voor superhelden #4 (bit disappointing but still a good read), De laatste uren van Josephine (This was SO SO good), Buitengeluk (interesting and definitely interested in some campings), Kitty (not sure how I felt about the new addition, but I loved the story nonetheless), Dinosauriers (such a good book, very creative), Het lied van de vlinder (a tad confusing but still happy I read it), Het geheime leven van snot (snot-tastic but a bit simple).

I tried and DNF-ed: De sneeuwpanter (lord that guy just talks and talks and talks, I want to read about your journey not about philosphical stuff. Thanks).

Here is a shiny new stack with books!

And with that we have reached the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! Thanks for reading and looking forward to next week when you get to see my vacation books~ Have a great Sunday all, and a good week. Stay safe~

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