Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 15-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 15-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)


Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates – Vacation edition~ It is time to show you what I hope to read in this next week of my vacation.

My first week, it went by in a flash. The first few days were pretty wet and windy, but the next two days were sunny and I cycled around through the surrounding area. Yesterday my hubby and I went shopping in the big city nearby (which was tons of fun, though also a bit stressful, it’s been 18 months since I last went on a shopping spree). There was also swimming, reading (slowly getting out of that darn slump, thank you to Dutch children’s books (especially a shout-out to those fun picture books)), relaxing, and other things. It was a good week!

Reading-wise, well the addition of a surprise ARC for which I had only a couple of days to read (on-hold for now), added with stress from just everything, made me go into a slump. So I read very little from the pretty stack from the previous week. Instead I read comics, picture books, and children’s books. All from my libraries nearby. Near to the end of the week I started to get the fun back in books with tons of words. XD

What did I read from previous week’s TBR? That Weekend (eh.. The author’s previous book was way better).

Here are my new plans for the upcoming week! I hope I am able to read them!

And that concludes this Vacation Edition of my Sunday’s TBR Updates! Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a great week with tons of great book. Wish me luck that I don’t enter a new slump, I want to read! READ!

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