Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 22-8-2021 (Vacation Edition)

Afternoon all!

Welcome all to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates!! The last week of vacation is here! Oh noes!

This second week was a bit up/down with the weather. We had some sunny (but not hot) days and some very wet and cold days. We went on our first moviedate since Valentine’s Day 2020 on Monday (and even went on a second on Saturday), we did some bicycle riding through nature, I read plenty, and there was also tons of relaxing.
Reading-wise: well a good good week. That slump from last week? Gone. Very far away. I have been reading a lot of books, including a few ARCs. My vacation box books are getting read, so happy that I can finally read these books.

What did I read from previous week’s TBR? Girls Save the World in this One (FANTASTIC book, I had so much fun reading it), Dark Lullaby (well technically I am reading it still but so far it is OK), The Last Kids on Earth (wonderful though I am NOT a fan of the new character), It’s Behind You (soooo scary and awesome).

And here are my plans for this upcoming week! A few library books and some books from my box. I still have some books left in my box after this so those will have to wait until after my vacation. I just wasn’t in the mood for them.

And that concludes this last vacation TBR Updates edition. Hope you enjoyed them all! Hope you all have a great week, stay safe and enjoy your reads!

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