Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-8-2021

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-8-2021

Hey all~

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Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates! This time a normal one, I still have 2 days of vacation.. but after that is back to normal life. XD

This week was pretty good! Weather was a bit up/down, some days were pretty others were cold and wet (oh well, meant tons of reading time). We saw a third movie in the theatres (yep, we really went for it) namely The Suicide Squad, which was gore and awesomeness combined. We did some more walking, sightseeing, and bicycling. We visited a museum. And we relaxed a ton!
Reading wise it was fantastic! I got a ton of books from the big vacation library when we visited the museum on Tuesday (the library is in the same building), and I made a dent in my TBR of last week!

What did I read from my TBR this week? Agent Weasel (this was tons of fun and full of action), Crush (Fantastic), The Box in the Woods (WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW).

What did I try to read but DNF in the end? Zomerster (read a few pages but the writing style was just not for me), Amari (maybe I will revisit this one, but I just couldn’t get to it and after a few pages I just decided to go for another book), Felix Ever After (just didn’t work for me for reasons), Six Stories (I think this is a case of the translation, it just didn’t work out for me),

Here is a new TBR pile! Some library books that waiting on me at home, some books I haven’t read from my vacation TBR. It is a nice blend, but I will also focus a lot on my Netgalley TBR as BOY. I need to do that!

Thanks all for reading! I hope everyone is having a great week/weekend and I will be back to normal schedule soon again~ Hope you enjoyed all these vacation posts~

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 29-8-2021

  1. I love that you read so much! And that you get them from the library (as far as I can tell). I remember that when I moved one of the first things I did was sign up to the nearest library. When I told people they thought it was mad that it was a priority for me. But I used to love the quiet in the library and finding a new book to read.

    1. Yeah, I get around 80% of my books (maybe even more) from libraries. It is definitely worth the money I pay for two of them (the other two I can get for free thanks to something our country is working on). I am the same as you! That is always the first thing I do as well when I move, new library time! Libraries here aren’t always quiet (though the tinier ones often are) but same as you I love finding new books.

    1. Thank you, it took a while to form that ability and then perfect it. I hope you are able to get the ability as well, it is quite a useful one! You’re welcome, thank you for commenting!

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