Teaser Tuesday ~ Con Quest! by Sam Maggs

Teaser Tuesday ~ Con Quest! by Sam Maggs

Con Quest!, Sam Maggs, Convention, Cosplay, Costumes, Graphic Novel, Sam Maggs
I flipped through the book and landed on page 106.

Cat looked up -and up, and up. It became suddenly very apparent to Alex exactly why this Star Cross photo shoot was organized here, outside Hall B, and not anywhere else in the vast convention grounds. Right on the wall the cosplayers were using as a backdrop, the con had built a huge replica of one wall of the USS Venture, the series’ most iconic starship. It was made to look like one side of the ship’s engine bay, all shiny metal and blinking lights. Gears and buttons and levers were sticking out at all angles – and Cat had managed to jam one right into her back. Classic Cat.

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